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Reel Machine

3750x1200x1520 mm 1.5 10-25 TPH Dia 750 mm

Reel machine acts as pre cleaner, fine cleaner and grader. Industrial Reel Machine is used to separate out impurities from the grains which are bigger or smaller than main stream material size. Machinery is very versatile and it is used in several applications. It can be of single sieve, double sieve or triple sieve in round shape. Machine serves to separate coarse impurities such as straw particles, string, paper, pieces of wood, leaves and cobs etc. and fine impurities such as sand, dust, broken seeds and few more. It is also used in grading of pulse or dal so it is also called cleaning and grading machine.

Salient Features of Reel Machine:

  1. Robust in construction.
  2. Optimum quality mild steel.
  3. Sieve replacement is easy and quick.
  4. Self sieve cleaning mechanism.
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