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Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter

Industrial Vibro Sifter Machine is suitable for sieving of powder and liquid products and can be used for screening and grading purpose. Vibro is offered in mild steel or stainless steel construction. It is used in various industries like paper, sugar, chemicals, ceramics, metals and minerals, plastic and rubber, food ingredient etc. Low power consuming vibro sifter can be easily cleaned, maintained and available in different capacities for various applications.

Salient Features of Vibro Sifter Machine:

      1. Mild steel or stainless steel construction.
      2. Easy mesh chance system.
      3. High throughput rates.
      4. Easy cleaning and maintenance.
      5. Low power consumption.
      6. Can be used for screening and grading purpose.
      7. Suitable for powder and liquid products.
      8. Available in different capacities for various applications.

Vibro Separator / Vibro Sifter are designed to perform effective size based separation in coarse as well as fine sizes. Vibro separator use wire mesh or perforated or slotted sheets for carrying out separation of material on basis of size. It is designed on the principle of Gyratory Motion and is one of the most versatile and universally adaptable machines working across spectrum of industries.

It can carry out various functions including screening of any powder or granules, sifting and grading or classification, removal of oversize / foreign materials before packing your finished product, lump/ undersize / chips / dust removal from powder / granules, solid liquid separation/ filtration / grit (Un-Ground Material) removal from slurry, syrup or oils, fiber / husk recovery from liquid stream.

Vibro Sifter is used by industries like Pharmaceuticals, Agro, Agro Processing, Ceramic, Chemical, China Clay, Dehydrated Food, Dyes and Pigments, Ferro Alloys, Foundry, Engineering, Food, Mines and Mineral, Metal Powder Processing, Plastic, PVC, Petrochemical, Paper, Rotomolding and many more.

It is very versatile process equipments and provides reliable and economical solutions for spectrum of size based separation operations performed in most of the industry sector / applications due to its flexibility and distinctive advantages. Vibro Sifter are your best bet for performing the operation of Classification, Grading, Oversize/undersize Removal, De-dusting, De-watering, De-lumping, Fiber Recovery, Fiber Separation, Continuous Filtration or any type of size based separation.


Vibro Sifter is a generic product. Vibro sifter is for immense variety of applications and configurations. Depending on the specific function it is assigned to do. Vibro Sifter is also differently known as Vibro, Gyro, Gyro Screen, Sieve Separator, Screener, Filter, and Pre-Filter or in some industry as Grader, Classifier etc.

However to meet various customer needs and requirements, we offer vibro screens in various product series with different product specifications. To get more details, refer to models, configurations and specifications.

Our Vibro Separators / Screens is manufactured in six standard sizes to match the requirements of a diverse range of applications and throughput rates as given below.

1. ~ 24" Inches ( 600mm )

2. ~ 30" Inches ( 750 mm )

3. ~ 40" Inches ( 1000mm )

4. ~ 48" Inches ( 1200 mm )

5. ~ 60" Inches ( 1500 mm )

6. ~ 72" Inches ( 1800 mm )


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