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Welcome to Sifter International, a legacy of trust, reliability and honesty along with new mantra of youth, dynamism and aggressiveness - a company that is committed to bringing world class agro based food processing plants to its customers.

Through our In-House R&D department, we have developed innovative products that help maximize productivity, and more importantly, empower our customers to meet their requirements, conveniently, quickly and cost effectively.

The Core Values listed below reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are values that have not changed since our inception and are the underpinning of our company culture.

Doing the right thing, every single time, will ultimately and permanently succeed. We believe that maintaining honest business practices and the highest standards of conduct with our customers and our employees is the only way to gain the rewards we deserve.

Technical Excellence
Our goal is to provide the best available engineering technologies and construction practices in the world today for every single project. We believe in striving to continually improve and innovate in our technology offerings and in our execution of projects. We believe in providing technical service that is innovative, accurate, timely and complete.

Customer Satisfaction
Our customers are the most important stakeholders in our business. We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our customers and our goal is to meet or exceed their expectations in every single project. Our customers have been the most vocal advocates for our business and our reputation with them is our single biggest asset. Sifter pledges to serve our customers efficiently, knowledgeably, fairly and with a personal touch. We design the projects as per customer investment capacity.

At Sifter International, it has always been our endeavor to provide quality, consistency, and excellent service. While this commitment stays untouched, we are busy innovating for the future, so that we can continuously be in touch with our customers to achieve goals.

Mr Subhash Chandra Sharma

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