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Bucket Elevator Machine

Bucket Elevator Machine

Industrial Bucket Elevator Machine is complete in all respect with top and bottom are made up from mild steel sheet and legs are fabricated from mild steel sheet, super imposed with steel angle, flat, channel wherever is necessary. Pillow block with bearing and sleeve. Belt tension device standard make food grade rubber belt and food grade plastic bucket with tightening nut and bolt. With paul & ratchet type back stop provided for stopping the backward movement during power failure. Inlet and outlet is lined with fiber sheet to eliminate the wear and tear. It is used to convey grain vertically.

Sifter International is a company that specializes in producing bucket elevators, a type of machine which moves people vertically up and down. Most common in warehouses but increasingly popular as an office height change solution. This article discusses how they plan to take the industry by storm with their brand new technology.

What is a Bucket Elevator Machine?

Bucket Elevator Machine move cars from one level to another. They have been popular in parking lots because they are energy efficient and allow cars to be easily moved up to 20 stations without stopping. There are many different types of bucket elevators available. Still, the most common is the counterweight-loaded vertical bucket elevator system, which uses a series of beams on a rotating drum to elevate cars.

Sifter International: Leading Bucket Elevator Manufacturer

Sifter International has been the leading Bucket Elevator Machine Manufacturer for more than 50 years. One of their products is the STB-2H which provides high lift capacity, superior stack location, and a continuous operation rate of over 80 sq ft per minute. 

Types of Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators work on the concept of what is known as a "screw conveyor," where two discs rotate in opposite directions, carrying buckets up and down. As each disc turns, it pulls the bucket at its end out to the side, and it then returns the bucket over and back inside its track. Bucket elevators are available in various configurations, depending on how they are used. Up-and-down lifts, horizontal turret lifts, vertical tower lifts and louvered tower lifts.

Advantages of Using Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are the most cost-effective type of elevator system out there. It's great for new construction or upgrading existing buildings because it is a relatively inexpensive way to put in an elevator. Though the equipment is not very expensive, it does require an engineer's certification and a supervisor who can oversee the installation.

How to use Bucket Elevators

The best way to use bucket elevators is to combine heavy and light materials in the same bucket. For instance, it would be best not to mix sand and cement, as the cement will completely submerge the sand. Using a lighter material like paper or plastic will allow you to move more quickly through your process.

Benefits of Using a Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators have many benefits. They are cost-effective, easy to install without heavy machinery and can be installed in seconds. If a bucket elevator is installed right under the floor level, there won't be any risk of injury or property damage. The only drawback with these elevators is their size because they are specifically made for smaller areas such as garages.


After considering numerous alternatives, Sifter International decided to buy a Bucket Elevator Machine manufacturer. This company will help them grow their product line and increase profits.

Salient Features of Bucket Elevator Machine:

  • To convey material from down to top.
  • Minimum broken with fiber buckets.
  • Easy to convey.
  • Low maintenance and easy operation.
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