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Find the Best Industrial Seed Cracker Machine Manufacturer in Faridabad at Sifter International

When looking for Best Industrial Seed Cracker Machine Manufacturer in Faridabad, finding an industrial seed crusher that produces consistent quality products is essential. Investing your resources in a machine that doesn't work just because of the high cost is not worth it. Sifter International has been manufacturing high-quality seed processors since 2005 and provides its customers with the best options to choose from.


The Importance of Industrial Seed Cracker Machines

There is a natural and present need in the seed processing industry to get the most out of the food, both for human and animal consumption. To meet this demand, many conditions must be considered. These include efficient cleaning and sterilization to ensure that nutrients present in seeds are not compromised during the process. The seed processors also need to extract maximum oil from the sources for extraction. This requires effective handling of materials as canning or frying can often result in fat loss by heating it beyond its melting point. The best way to meet all these needs is to use the following machines. The seed cracker machine is an essential piece of equipment in seed processing. It is used to crack germinated seeds and separate the shell from the kernel, which can be done through crushing.


How do Seed Crackers work?

Industrial seed crackers are primarily used in the food processing industry, where they have been invented to provide a cost-effective way of producing flour or meal. Seed Cracker work on the principle of pressure and shear force. The machine feeds the seed through a chute onto the cone attached to the rotary shaft connected to the crushing roller. This forces the source into a porous form, which offers very little resistance to mechanical shearing. On reaching each cavity in the cone, it breaks into smaller pieces.


Sifter International: Best Faridabad Industrial Seed Cracker Machine Manufacturer


Sifter International is one of the top seed cracker manufacturers in India. We have offered a wide range of seed crackers to our customers. Our machines are durable and easy to operate, with inputs and outputs measuring these parameters. As best seed cracker manufacturer we provide custom-made seed crackers that are economical, durable, and efficient.



The best Industrial Seed Cracker Machine Manufacturer in Faridabad at Sifter International is the company that offers the best quality and reliability when it comes to Industrial Seed Crackers.

We have a wide range of products that guarantee customers satisfaction. We also have a team of experts who can offer expert advice on all aspects of the development.

Salient Features of Seed Cracker Machine


1.     Compact steel construction.

2.     Micro adjustment system to adjust rolls gap.

3.     Heavy duty bearing housing.

4.     Different size available for different capacity.

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