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Soya Milk and Tofu Processing

Soya Milk and Tofu Processing

Sifter International supply the turnkey project for soya milk and tofu processing plant to get the finish product. 

Soyamilk and its related food products are getting popularised throughout the world due to its nutritional and medicinal qualities. Soyamilk is high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrate. It is an excellent food for babies, children and old age people including pregnant and lactating women as it contains vegetable protein which is very easy to digest.
It is a highly nutritious food. It has all essential amino acids and easily digestible protein, which is unique to the vegetable world. Soyamilk and soya foods derived from it are cholesterol and lactose-free. They have been scientifically documented to prevent or lessen the effects of some forms of cancers, heart disease, diabetes symptoms, osteoporosis, and other ailments.

Its affordable cost and environment friendly attributes make soya food production and consumption a wise choice. 

Soyamilk and its derivatives are the cheapest source of protein than any of the animal or plant protein. Soyamilk produced by machine is free of beany off-flavour and can be turned into tofu, curd, hot and cold drinks, ice creams, fruit shakes etc. Tofu (soya paneer) makes tasty dishes of the local taste and snacks like soya burger, patties, sandwiches, pakoras and many more and is also used for western style main dishes and desserts.
Major Equipments Used In Soya Milk and Tofu Processing:

1.         Soaking Tank                                     
2.         Wet Grinder                                       
3.         Sterilizer                                                         
4.         2 Stage Flash Vessel                                      
5.         Surface Condenser                                         
1.         Centrifuge                                                      
2.         Balance Tank                                                 
3.         Plate Heat Exchanger (Cooler)                                  
4.         Soymilk Formulation Tank                            
5.         Plate Heat Exchanger (Pasteurizer)               
6.         Chilled Soymilk Storage Tank                                   
1.         Plate Heat Exchanger (Heater)                      
2.         Tofu Coagulation Tank                                  
3.         Tofu  Press 
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