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Industrial Flour mill Machine Manufacturers

Industrial flour mill machine or stone grinder is used for grinding of tbl_service, ragi, maize to make whole flour. It can also be used in dehulling of pulses. Industrial Purpose Atta Chakki Machine have two circular grinding stones in a closed body. One stone turns against a stationary stone and with this action grinding of grains takes place.

One of the top Professional Industrial Flour Mill Machine Manufacturers

Industrial Atta Chakki Machine Or flour mill machine manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We are one of the leading companies for manufacturing high-quality Industrial Atta Chakki Machines and baking equipment such as Pizza Oven, Range Oven, Dosa Tawa, Waffle Machine, Cookie Oven, etc.


Benefits associated with Sifter One of the best Manufacturers of Industrial Flour Mill  Machine or Atta Chakki:

The benefits of using the Sifter Industrial Atta Chakki are that it is made from the best quality material and is easy to maintain. The manufacturers also offer a five-year warranty on all their products. The Sifter is available in different sizes, shapes, and models. This ensures that you have the best fit for your requirement. The Sifter Industrial Atta Chakki comes with a five-year warranty which ensures that you get quality services from the manufacturer. The Sifter is also very easy to maintain. Thus no need to hire a service provider or find a professional to keep it and ensure it is working well. Also, the Sifter can be used in any industry, including food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pet care, and agriculture. The stainless steel makes the Sifter rust-resistant. The product is also insulated, which means it is comfortable to use in any environment.


What are the advantages of Sifter International as an Industrial Atta Chakki Machine Manufacturer?


Sifter International is one of the top manufacturers of industrial Flour mill machines and dough-making machines. They offer a wide range of industrial atta chakki machines and dough-making machines to help you get your work done more efficiently.


How did Sifter International become famous for their Industrial Atta Chakki Machine Manufacturing?


Sifter International has been manufacturing atta chakki machines or Flour mill machines for over four decades now. They have been in this industry when it was difficult to find a suitable device for chapattis to make atta and dough. Sift International's success started with one of its three core values: Quality.


Why choose Sifter as your Industrial Atta Chakki Machine Manufacturer?


Sifter has been considered the top professional manufacturer of industrial atta chakki machines in India. We offer our clients a wide range of atta chakki machines made using high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology. Our team of experts takes care to make sure that you get what you are looking for. In addition, we also give you do follow installation services so that your machine is set up correctly.




The company has a wide range of products for various needs. They offer custom solutions to meet different customer requirements. The company is known for its heavy-duty machines for milling and grinding. One of the most essential and popular products is the atta chakki, mainly used to make roti, Indian bread.


Salient Features of Industrial Atta Chakki Machine:

1.     Compact construction body.

2.     Suits in different application and efficient grinding.

3.     Less maintenance.

4.     Less space occupancy.


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