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Cold press extraction of is one of the methods of mechanical extraction of oil. High-quality (Extra Virgin) oils can be obtained by performing production at low temperatures using cold press method. Since the process does not involve an excess amount of heat or chemical solvents,cold-pressed oil retains their original flavor,taste,aroma and nutritional value.

Cold pressed machine oils are a rich source of oleic acids and they help boost the immune system. They also contain natural antioxidants which help reduce cell damage in our body.

Sifter International is a manufacturer and exporter of Cold Press Oil Machines.The machines are made of high quality steel and are robust in construction and operation. It comes with electronic control panel having variable speed control and continuous temperature monitoring.

Technical parameters :





7-10 kg/hr seeds

35-50 kg/hr seeds


2.25 kw

11.25 kw


1050*800*1000 mm

1800*1500*2000 mm







Fascinating Cold Press Oil Machine Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Cold press oil machines have become increasingly popular in the juicing industry due to their ability to extract juice from fruits and vegetables without generating heat, which helps to preserve the nutrients and enzymes in the juice. If you are looking to grow your business in the juicing industry, here are some tactics that you can consider implementing using a cold press machine:

Offer a variety of juice blends: With a cold press machine, you can easily experiment with different fruits and vegetables to create unique and flavourful juice blends that your customers will love. Consider offering seasonal blends, as well as juices that target specific health benefits.

Use high-quality produce: The quality of the produce that you use in your juices can make a significant difference in the flavour and nutritional content of your juice. Consider sourcing organic, locally-grown produce to ensure that your juices are of the highest quality.

Incorporate other products: To increase your revenue streams, consider incorporating other products into your business, such as healthy snacks or wellness products. You can also offer juice cleanses or detox programs to attract customers who are looking for a more comprehensive health experience.

Create a strong brand image: Building a strong brand image is crucial in the juicing industry. Consider designing unique packaging for your juices, as well as creating a strong social media presence to connect with your customers and build a loyal following.

Expand your distribution channels: Consider selling your juices at farmers markets, health food stores, or partnering with other businesses to offer your juices as part of their product offerings. You can also consider offering online ordering and delivery services to expand your reach.

By implementing these tactics, you can grow your business using a cold press machine and create a successful juicing business.

Guaranteed No Stress Cold Press Machine

Cold press machines are a great way to make delicious and healthy juices without the added stress. Cold press oil machines extract more juice from fruits and vegetables, preserving their nutritional value and flavor. They also require less electricity, making them an environmentally friendly choice. With a cold press machine, you can make great-tasting drinks with guaranteed no stress!


Here Are 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Cold Press Oil Machine Faster:

Pre-cut your produce: Cutting your produce into smaller pieces before juicing can help speed up the juicing process. Use a sharp knife or vegetable chopper to cut your produce into small, uniform pieces.

Use a faster speed setting: Most cold press machines have different speed settings. Using a faster speed setting can help to extract juice more quickly, but be careful not to overwork the machine.

Alternate between soft and hard produce: If you are juicing a variety of produce, alternate between softer produce and harder produce. This will help to prevent the machine from getting clogged and will speed up the juicing process.

Clean the machine regularly: Keeping your machine clean can help to prevent buildup and improve its efficiency. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your machine.

Use a larger feed chute: Some cold press oil machines come with larger feed chutes that can accommodate larger pieces of produce. This can help to speed up the juicing process by reducing the amount of time spent pre-cutting produce.

Invest in a more powerful machine: If you are looking to speed up your juicing process, consider investing in a more powerful cold press machine. Machines with more powerful motors and larger capacities can handle larger volumes of produce and extract juice more quickly.

Use a pressing bag: Using a pressing bag can help to extract juice more quickly and efficiently. Pressing bags are made of mesh and are placed over the juicing basket to catch the pulp and extract juice more effectively.

By implementing these tips, you can make your cold press machine faster and more efficient, allowing you to produce juice more quickly and increase your output.

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