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Fortified Rice Extruder Machine

Fortified Rice Extruder Machine

Fortification of rice is a cost-effective and complementary strategy to increase vitamin and mineral content in diets and a step towards nutritional security and to fight anemia and malnutrition in the country (Government of India has approved the Centrally Sponsored Pilot Scheme on “ Fortification of Rice and Its distribution under -Public Distribution System, Integrated Child Development Services and Mid-Day Meal Scheme).

Preparation of fortified rice starts with collecting broken rice grains which otherwise have little market value. These are used to make rice flour in which a pre-mix of nutrients is then added. A dough made of this mixture is processed through a machine ( Twin Screw Rice Extruder) which cuts rice shaped kernels. These kernels are then mixed with normal rice in a fixed ratio.

Sifter International is a manufacturer of fortified rice extruder processing plant and machinery.  We take Turn-key  Project starting from Design, Manufacturing, Supply to Erection & Commissioning. Our indigenously manufactured  FRK Twin Screw Extruder is available in from 300 kg/hr capacity to 700 kg/hr capacity.

Fortified rice extruder is a machine that is designed to mix rice with micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The resulting fortified rice grains can be used as a food source, providing a more nutritious option for people who may not have access to a varied diet. We Sifter International, manufactures a full line of these fortified rice extruder machine with latest technology.

The process of fortifying rice with micronutrients involves several steps. The first step is to select the appropriate micronutrients for fortification based on the nutritional deficiencies in the population where the rice will be consumed. The second step is to blend the micronutrients with a carrier, such as dextrose or maltodextrin, to make them easy to mix with the rice. Next, the micronutrient blend is mixed with the rice at the appropriate ratio to achieve the desired nutrient levels in the final product. Finally, the fortified rice is packaged and distributed to consumers.

Most Common Types of Fortified Rice Extruder Machines

We offer these machines come in different types, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Here are some of the most common types of fortified rice extruder machines:

Single Screw Extruder: This is the most basic type of fortified rice extruder. It uses a single screw to mix the rice and micronutrient powder together before extrusion. The resulting grains are typically small and cylindrical in shape. Single screw extruders are simple to operate and maintain, making them a popular choice for small-scale operations.

Twin Screw Extruder: This type of extruder uses two screws to mix the rice and micronutrient powder together. The twin screw design allows for more thorough mixing, resulting in more evenly fortified rice grains. Twin screw extruders are also able to handle a higher volume of rice, making them suitable for larger-scale operations.

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder: This type of extruder uses two screws that rotate in the same direction. The co-rotating design allows for more efficient mixing and better control over the extrusion process. These machines are often used for more complex recipes, such as fortified rice with multiple micronutrients.

Counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruder: This type of extruder uses two screws that rotate in opposite directions. The counter-rotating design creates a kneading effect that helps to evenly distribute the micronutrients throughout the rice. These machines are often used for high-precision operations, such as fortifying rice with sensitive micronutrients

Automatic Extruder: This type of extruder is equipped with an automatic feeder that allows it to continuously process rice without the need for manual intervention. Automatic extruders are typically more expensive than manual machines, but they can save time and labor costs in the long run.

Customized Extruder: This type of extruder is specially designed to meet the specific needs of a particular operation. Customized extruders can be equipped with a wide range of features, such as a modified screw design or a specialized die.

Benefits of our extruder:

 One of the main benefits of using a fortified rice extruder is that it is a cost-effective way to fortify rice. Traditional methods of fortifying rice, such as blending or coating, can be expensive and time-consuming. The extruder, on the other hand, is a relatively simple and efficient process that can be done on a large scale. This makes it an ideal solution for fortifying rice in developing countries, where resources are often limited.

In addition to being cost-effective, the extruder is also a safe and reliable method of fortifying rice. The extrusion process is carried out at high temperatures, which kills any bacteria or other microorganisms that may be present in the rice. This ensures that the fortified rice is safe for consumption. The extruder is also easy to clean and maintain, which helps to reduce the risk of contamination.

Another advantage of using sifter’s fortified rice extruder is that it allows for the fortification of rice with a variety of micronutrients. The extruder can be adjusted to mix in different powdered micronutrient mixes, depending on the specific health needs of the population. This allows for a more tailored approach to fortifying rice, rather than using a one-size-fits-all method.

Some Important Features of Our Fortified Rice Extruder 

Screw design: The screw design of the extruder is an important feature, as it determines the rate of extrusion, the temperature, and the pressure of the extruder, and us at sifter offers the finest screw designs.

Heating system: The extruder typically has a heating system that is used to heat the raw rice to a high temperature, which allows for the expansion of the rice and the release of the starch.

Die design: The die design of the extruder determines the shape and size of the final product. Different die designs can be used to produce different shapes and sizes of extruded rice with our machine

Cooling System: After the extrusion process, the rice needs to be cooled down quickly to prevent further cooking and to maintain the desired texture. For our extruder works properly

Control Systems: our extruders have control systems that allow the operator to adjust the temperature, pressure, and speed of the extruder, to ensure that the final product is of the desired quality.

Cleaning System: Extruders have cleaning systems that allow for easy cleaning of the machine after use, to ensure that the machine is hygienic and ready for the next batch of raw rice.

Power Source: Extruders can be powered by electricity or by other sources of power such as steam, depending on the model and the design.

Capacity: The capacity of the extruder is another important feature, our FRK Twin Screw Extruder is available from 300 kg/hr capacity to 700 kg/hr capacity.

Durability: our extruders are typically made from durable materials such as stainless steel, to ensure that they can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the extrusion process.

Sifter International stands as a premier manufacturer of machines within the relevant field, specializing in the creation of processing plants. Additionally, we undertake turn-key projects encompassing every stage from design, manufacturing, and supply to erection and commissioning. As reputable ISI FRK plant manufacturers, we ensure comprehensive solutions meeting stringent industry standards.

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