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Sifter International, Flaker Machine Manufacturer and Exporter

This company has recently been working with the design and manufacturing of mini Flacker Machine. You can easily make your fireworks effect for parties or special events with these machines. The article provides more detailed information about the mini Flaker Machine and contact information should you want to purchase one of these great products! The Flaker Machine is available in two sizes: the Normal size and the Mini size.

Sifter International- Sifter was founded in 2012 and is a leading Flaker Machine Manufacturer. With our production line, we can provide you with a long-term relationship. The Flacker machine is designed to remove large particles from powder materials.

How do Sifter Machines work?

Sifter machines are designed to process all types of materials. They vary from small single screw machines that can process up to 250 kg/hour to large twin-screw models capable of processing 3000 kg/hour. Most of the machines are equipped with a chute for material feed and two main screws for material removal. There is also an optional side-drawer where the material can be separated into fractions by size, shape, and other characteristics. In most cases, the machine operator uses a control panel to monitor the speed and direction of movement and the amount of material removed.

Benefits of Using a Sifters Machine

Sifters machines are available in many shapes and sizes. These machines are perfect for companies that need to reduce their operating costs while at the same time increasing their production output. Sifters machines are also ideal for companies that need to produce more fiber faster.

 Buying Guides

 If you have come across the Sifter international website and consider purchasing a Flaker machine, then the following buying guide is exactly what you need. It will provide you with a list of all the features and specifications of the Flacker Machine so that you can be 100% confident that this is what is best for your needs. Flaker Machine Reviews. If you don't want to do the hard work of looking on the internet at all the different features and specs?


 We have been involved with the Flaker machines for the last three years. We know how to go with our manufacturing work from the start and have a highly experienced team who offers you the best quality Flakers in the industry. We are well known as Flaker Machine Manufacturer across the country. The machines we offer are highly appreciated in the market for their performance and quality. Our company has been serving prestigious clients from across the globe and contributing to making their projects successful. Our engineers are well trained and capable of meeting customers' needs. Our machine is a high-quality one with an inbuilt facility like welding.

Salient Features of Flaking Roller Mill Machine:

  • Simple and robust in construction.
  • Easy in operation and maintenance.

  • Different model available to meet the process requirements.

  • Micro adjustment system to set the gap and pressure among the rolls to get best quality flakes and to get best crushing efficiency.

  • Can be provided with hydraulic system.

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