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Sifter International: Best Gyro Sifter Machine Manufacturer


Sifter International is the best gyro sifter machine manufacturer for various applications. They offer machines with different capacities and qualities, such as the small-sized AC-88 and the large AC-98. These machines come with an adjustable flow capacity so that you can make them work to your specifications. Sifter International has been designing, manufacturing and supplying Industrial Gyro Sifter Machine sieves frames to customers in many countries for more than 100 years. Customers can choose from a variety of profiles, cloth or wire mesh, according to their applications and needs.

Get more information on how they can help you today at Sifter International.

What is a Gyro sifter Machine?

A Gyro sifter Machine is a kitchen device that separates metal shavings from the food's other ingredients, such as meat and spices. It has a screen at the bottom to collect the shavings, which can be used in soups and stews. This device is often used in restaurants when making gyros. A gyro machine is a type of Sifter. It separates the aggregate, which is the clumps in the gravel or dirt (used to water and feed your garden plants), from the finer soil particles. This can be done by using a rotating wheel or a series of blades to slice the aggregate into smaller pieces.

Gyro Machine Manufacturers

Sifter International is a Gyro Sifter Machine Manufacturer best for machines, who are looking for quality and performance. The company's machines offer the heaviest-duty materials, in order to ensure that the machine lasts for a long time.


A gyro sifter Machine is a way to get rid of large, unwanted particles from your material. It is not only used for fine materials like sand and minerals, but can also be used for other materials. There are many different types of machines that focus on different needs. The Industrial Gyro Sifter Machine sieves frames are crimped with wire mesh or nylon cloth for better sieving.

Why choose us?

Sifter International was the first to use the wire mesh crimped frame on the market. This design has proven a huge success in several uses such as removing wood, metal and plastic particles from powder or granular materials. The sifter also has a built-in filtration system the sieve is made of stainless steel, which ensures its durability and corrosion resistance.

When searching for the best Gyro sifter Machine Manufacturer, you must consider a few different factors. These include power, capacity, durability, and ease to clean. Sifter International has all of these features in their machine, so I recommend their product to anyone who needs one.


Salient Features of Gyro Sifter Machine:

  1. For small sieving capacity.
  2. Sieving flow can be adjustable as per the requirement.
  3. Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Separates product in different grades.
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